Live up to the new expectations of customers with modern ticketing system

HelpDeskBay offers a fully-featured solution to set your team up to manage all sorts of customer queries and meet their needs.


Ticket Management

Our cloud-based tool employs rich features to track and manage all sort of tickets at one place giving operators and respective managers complete control over open and awaiting-reply tickets.

Ticket status

Support Dashboard offers a comprehensive view of tickets by status to let your operators stay on top of everything including Tickets management, SLAs, C-sat scoring.

Email to tickets

Our email ticketing system converts all your customer query and sales emails sent to give address to tickets, giving unmatched feasibility to customers to create tickets without logging into tickets management.

Intuitive support area

Allows your customer to raise tickets from your website with ease. Customers can intuitively leverage Self-service, FAQs, tickets system to get resolution. While creating a ticket as the user types, our software populates relevant knowledge base articles preventing duplicate queries/tickets.

Multiple departments

The applications allow you to create infinite departments for your wide spectrum of products or brands. Doing so, routes the tickets to right agents to manage efficiently.

Private notes

Make a note of vital concerns, so the assigned agents will be aware of it, increasing internal communication, consistency and collaborative efforts.

New tickets

If a potential customer reaches you out via phone or web form, you can create a new ticket from the tool altogether to centralize the conversation for easier ticket management.

Self-Service Portal

A powerful knowledge base – FAQs, Blogs, and so much more.

Displaying approved resolution while creating tickets

Save plethora of time and efforts of your clients and IT team with approved resolution displayed at the time of creating tickets, preventing unnecessary creation of tickets. HDB helps clients get all the relevant approved resolutions in a drop-down while typing topic of the issue at the time of ticket creation, in case client doesn’t find the resolution, a ticket can be created in a jiffy.

Customizable knowledge base

Personalize the look and feel of HelpDeskBay Self-portal to flawlessly match your website theme. The knowledge base is built using HTML and CSS technology enabling you to customize as per your needs. Integrating our intuitive knowledge base software allows you to swiftly create and manage content solution for customers.


Seamlessly creating infinitive how-to guides, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), and blogs using a tool has never been budget-friendly. But with HDB’s content management system, it is super easy and free of cost to create, organize, manage and publish knowledge base content. Create categories in few clicks to organize content for easy access.

Content Management System (CMS)

Our top-rated solution simplified content management with rich editor to create, manage and modify web content without having to code.

Powerful Search

Find relevant pieces of knowledge in a flash using keywords, tags, etc. It can be leveraged by external users and IT help desk.

Agent Management

Drive more value to customer support by managing operators’permissions from one place –The more efficiency, the more organizations thrive.

Operator management

Empowers organizations to manage customer support agents from one platform in terms of scheduling business hours, assigning departments, setting permissions, delegating permission for different areas of HDB tool.

Set permissions

The highly interactive interface allows owners to set permission for specific area based on the roles and seniority of agent, minimizing the risk of human errors by an inexperienced candidate.

Set departments

Set privilege to a specific department or all departments of Help desk. Grant permission for Chat and Support departments based on the bandwidth.

Private chat

With HDB, collaborating is easy even when agents are based on different location. Our tool enables agents to chat privately to expedite resolution to complex issues.

File sharing

Restrict or allow access to file sharing with clients when using Live Chat or Ticketing System.

Live Chat

You can chat with all your potential prospects in real-time – right from the HDB platform or mobile app.

Customizable chat widget

Our ready-to-use chat widget can be customized to match the look and feel of a website and choose how you want to display it on multiple websites.

Right from the interface, add your favorite chat icon, change color, change to preferred language.

Multiple departments

Expand your support with advanced support departments management. Create departments with FAQs URL, Guest access and in multi-language to diverse support for better outcomes.

Group chat

Converting prospects in bulk is more accessible than ever. Group chat widget is customizable to match website business theme and chosen where and how to be placed on your website.

Canned responses

Make every effort of your marketing, sales and service desk team more efficient. Our canned responses allows your team to respond faster to common question by inserting defined response in a click.


Operator management

  • Operators management
  • Set permissions
  • Set departments
  • Private chat
  • File sharing

Self Service

  • Automated suggestions
  • Customizable knowledge base
  • FAQs
  • Content Management System
  • Multiple departments

Live chat

  • Group chat
  • Customizable chat
  • Multiple departments
  • Canned responses

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