Manage and resolve customer queries seamlessly with free ticketing software


Empower support agents with versatile tools to be customer service hero. Sail through all kind of queries from a comfy chair with our cloud-based ticketing software.

Take complete control

Experience the power of the top-notch Help Desk Ticketing system offering enterprise-grade security, intuitive ticket views, chat bots, live chat, up-to-the-minutes insights, etc:

Ticketing system with Live Chat

Our intuitive ticketing system is coupled with powerful live chat solution promoting effective management of high-volume requests and seamless customer experience.

Delight customers with clutter free tickets management helping your agents to prioritize tickets, keep tab on customer satisfaction rating, and stay informed about lengthy consolidated conversation.

Optimize precisely with interactive Support dashboard

At a glance, get a snapshot of total number of open tickets against closed ones. Our interactive dashboards with key metrics shed lights on Support tickets and Live Chats performance empowering you to take evidence-based decisions for improved customer support processes.

Serve better with multiple departments

Organize and streamline tickets based on product types, subscription levels, department types, etc. HDB makes it super effortless to create multiple departments, and direct tickets to respective ones. Each department can have a dedicated team to make efforts more efficient.

Our Features

Add new client with ease

For prospects who send queries through general contact form without signing up, add them with ease.

Add client information, set preferred language, and restrict access to specific departments of Support, chat and FAQs.

Email to ticket

Tickets will be created when someone sends queries to a supportdedicated email.

Tickets prioritization

Tickets prioritization

Prevent customer dissatisfaction from impacting c-sat score by prioritizing tickets based on the urgency and allot to agent.


Empower customers to find information they are seeking at finger tips while decreasing the tickets volume.


HDB sends instant alerts to Clients and Agents from the time a ticket is created to close.

Agents’ permission control

Based on the level and experience of an agent, set permissions like file sharing, live chat, client management, etc.

Actionable reporting

Keep tab on tickets frequency, tickets by status, feedback score to discover customer support scalability challenges.

Daily backups

We understand the consequences of downtime, we have a backup strategy in place.

Encrypted data

Encrypted channel

Enterprise-grade security to prevent breaches and intrusion.

Real-time visitors’ location

Monitor activity as visitors explore your website. Learn top referral, countries sources along with IP addresses and first visit.



Can a user under free membership manages unlimited tickets?

Yes. An agent can manage unlimited tickets. One of the limitations in the free account will be the number of clients limited to 20.

How many numbers of departments can be created in Free membership?

A total of six departments can be created.

Is email ticketing feature available in Free membership?

No, it’s not.

Can one subscription at HDB be used for Sales and internal service desk?

Yeah, one account can be used at the same time by sales and internal support departments.

Is PHP/IMAP connections for email ticketing available in free subscription?

No. It’s not.

Do customers need to login into portal to respond to an agent?

With IMAP feature-enabled plans(paid), clients can reply to tickets from their email without logging into the HDB tool.

Visuals of ticket management system

Ticket Status

Merge Tickets

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